TCMR Report


The Town Councils were assessed under five indicators:

  1. Estate Cleanliness
  2. Estate Maintenance
  3. Lift Performance
  4. Service & Conservancy Charges (S&CC) Arrears Management
  5. Corporate Governance

The report is colour-coded to reflect performance. Green is the top band, followed by Amber and then Red.


FY2021 Town Council Management Report (TCMR)

Results for Apr 2021 – Mar 2022


Jalan Besar Town Council’s Performance

Our Town Council achieved “Green” for Estate Cleanliness, Estate Maintenance, Lift Performance, S&CC Arrears Management and Corporate Governance.

Cleanliness Maintenance Lift Performance S&CC Arrears Management Corporate Governance

The top 5 observations for cleanliness were:

No. Type of Cleanliness Observation % of Total Observations
1 Stain and litter 60%
2 Dumped bulky item/refuse 21%
3 Cobwebs 6%
4 Moss 5%
5 Graffiti 4%

The top 5 observations for maintenance for the estate were:

No. Type of Maintenance Observation % of Total Observations
1 Obstruction of common areas 39%
2 Unauthorised fixtures, e.g. blinds mounted as a sun shade 13%
3 Damaged plaster/large cracks/spalling concrete  9%
4 Storage of combustible items 8%
5 Wild plants/weeds 4%