Revision of Service and Conservancy Charges (S&CC) from 1 July 2023

Over the years in managing Jalan Besar Town, we have been working to bring about better facilities and services to our residents. However, the Town Council has been facing increasing cost pressures over time due to higher energy prices, maintenance costs, and manpower costs. As the estate infrastructure within our town gets older, more expenditure will also be needed to maintain and replace these infrastructure assets. As such, the Town Council has to plan ahead to prepare for these longer-term expenditures.

Although the Town Council has been adopting a prudent financial approach and exploring cost-saving measures to keep the costs down, it is not sustainable in the long run to keep the charges at the current rates even with Government Grants.

With the Ministry of National Development (MND)’s special funding support for the Town Councils that are planning to raise S&CC, the S&CC adjustments are smaller in quantum than they otherwise would have been. This helps in cushioning the full impact of rising maintenance costs on residents. To further help our residents and reduce the impact of the change, the S&CC adjustment would be staggered over two years, effective on 1 July 2023 and 1 July 2024 respectively.

Some of the challenges faced by the Town Council are:

Rising Maintenance and Operational Costs

The Town Council’s operations rely heavily on labour services such as cleaning, pest control and landscaping. With the increase in these costs, it has resulted in higher tender rates, and consequently, higher costs for the Town Council over time.

Over the years, the Town Council’s electricity tariff has also increased by 30% from June 2018 to March 2023, and electricity costs account for more than 20% of the Town Council’s total expenses. In addition, the increased costs of materials and manpower for constructing, upgrading, and maintaining communal facilities have also contributed to these cost pressures.

Assessment of Financial Position for the Next 5 Years

The Town Council has carefully assessed its financial position for the next 5 years by considering factors such as the increasing expenses and the long-term financial needs to ensure that the buildings and estate amenities in the common areas are well maintained.

With these rising operating costs, the Town Council would not have sufficient funds to run the estates in the next 5 years at the current S&CC rates with Government grants, despite our best efforts to manage the increasing cost pressures through cost-saving measures and prudent management of our expenses.

Each household/unit will receive a separate letter with the new rates that the household/unit will be paying from 1 July 2023.

Help for residents in need

For residents with financial difficulties and in need of help with their S&CC payments, we encourage you to approach your respective Members of Parliament in Jalan Besar GRC and Potong Pasir SMC at their Meet-the-People Sessions for assistance.

View Revised S&CC Rates Here

We appreciate your understanding on the need to revise the S&CC rates. If you need any clarification, please email us at or contact us at Tel: 6298 9222 (Main Office) or 6284 5000 (Potong Pasir Office).

Yours sincerely

General Manager
Jalan Besar Town Council